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All New Tumultuous Packaging Design for Starbucks Mooncakes

Press Release

Design Bridge Shanghai has created tumultuous new packaging for Starbucks Mooncakes for China’s Mid-Autumnal festival. the look balances a daring approach with cultural sensitivity to attain standout and charm to the following generation of Chinese customers.

“The Mid-Autumn festival is an annual harvest celebration centered around the moon and folks returning along,” commented Tom Gilbert, Artistic Director of style Bridge Shanghai. “Sharing mooncakes together with your family and loved ones is an integral a part of the festival, therefore it’s very vital that your brand’s mooncakes stand out. Our challenge was to bring something new and exciting to the market that disrupted tradition while remaining culturally relevant and faithful the Starbucks brand.”

Design Bridge’s familiarity with native traditions and intuitive understanding of the Starbucks complete allowed them to require risks that others might not have dared to. as an example, they selected a strikingly modern color palette of lime inexperienced, made orange and purple that challenges ancient style cues, however, appeals to younger audiences seeking one thing new.

This has been balanced with a sensitivity to the cultural traditions of the festival. as an example, the Chinese expression of “The moon and the individuals are one,” impressed the creative plan throughout the project; bringing the moon, individuals and Starbucks along in one style. The packaging options circular ‘wood-cut’ styles, impressed by complex hand-carved picket mooncake molds, that tile to form new circular patterns once boxes are displayed side-by-side. meantime a menu card within every box displays the 2 halves along jointly. These details symbolize the concept of individuals gathering along with their loved ones throughout the Mid-Autumn festival.

“Creating a style that mixes cultural sensitivity and daring style decisions has enabled North American country to make a genuinely distinctive provide for Starbucks in China,” Gilbert additional. “Our style adds one thing really distinctive to the tradition of sharing mooncakes throughout the Mid-Autumn festival and allows Starbucks to make deeper emotional connections with a younger cluster of customers.”

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