Alpura launches lightweight packaging

Presently, Alpura’s cooking cream Media Crema is accessible in both 125 ml and 200 ml Ecolean Air Aseptic packages in Mexico in all retail channels the nation over.

‘At Alpura we are always working to put the consumer first,’ said Alejandra Villarreal, marketing director at Alpura. ‘We are known for our innovation and quality — not only on a product level, but also on providing the consumer a great experience. We tested several packages and Ecolean was a perfect fit because the package provides that same quality experience Alpura consumers know and trust.’

As indicated by Alpura, which procedures around 3.5 million liters of milk for every day and sells in excess of 100 items, it included the aseptic flexible packaging from Ecolean in light of the fact that the package is anything but difficult to utilize and has a low environmental impact.

The Ecolean packages make cooking simple as they are anything but difficult to open, pour and store, and there is no compelling reason to stress over spilling. Just tear open the package and utilize the air-filled handle to pour the product. Spot the package on the counter with no spills since the package holds up. The package likewise diminishes food squander since it very well may be totally straightened, utilizing each and every drop of product.

‘It is important for Alpura to bring convenience into consumer’s homes with our products and Ecolean aseptic flexible packages do just that,’ said Alejandra Villarreal. ‘We are excited to launch a unique, innovative package that helps consumers have the best cooking experience.’

Other than being anything but difficult to utilize, Ecolean packages adopt a lightweight strategy with regards to the earth. Ecolean bundles are practically a large portion of the weight contrasted with numerous customary packaging formats and contain up to 35 percent chalk.

‘Ecolean prides itself on keeping things simple and light in every part of the process,’ said Andreas Jeppsson, regional director, Americas at Ecolean. ‘We are proud to work with Alpura and introduce Ecolean packages to the Mexican market. Now, consumers will experience the benefits of our lightweight, easy-to-use packages in their own kitchens with Alpura’s Media Crema.’

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