Canadian Packaging Materials and Machinery End-Use Market #3 – Pharmaceutical

The manufacturing of pharmaceutical products in Canada is like that in the U.S., and demand for packaging machinery is comparable, with moderate however consistent development at 1% annually.

The Canadian pharmaceutical industry, which incorporates branded and generic prescription drugs, just as OTC products, is about C$11.5 billion, according to PMMI Business Intelligence’s new report “The Market for Packaging Machinery in Canada 2018.”

Canadian generics have gained share, because of substantial Canadian manufacturers, for example, Apotex and Pharmasciences’ engaged endeavors. Generics have reliably been moderately progressively expensive, in this way boosting industry revenue.

The main engine for development is expanding utilization of biologics. A second potential region for development is the legalized cannabis industry. Demands for anti-counterfeiting features in packaging will also likely increase, due to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).

Canadian pharma packaging is more functional than marketing driven, with the exception of OTC. Rigid plastic containers are most common, both for pills and liquids. Paperboard is used for folding cartons for secondary packaging and blister packs.

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