Cannabis company redesigns packaging in reaction of purchaser feedback

When pot became legal last fall, many people questioned the bulky plastic containers it came in.

“We clearly understood from the consumer that this was a concern for the cannabis industry in early stages,” says Todd Duncan, vice president of supply chain at FIGR Inc.,a legitimate cannabis company that sells products in both Nova Scotia and PEI.

So FIGR dispatched an examination to figure out what recreational cannabis clients wanted.

“Recyclability and sustainability around cannabis packaging drove about a 61 per cent concern amongst those respondents,” Duncan says. “And the amount of packaging being used to distribute and sell cannabis was driving about a 58 per cent concern.”

Duncan reveals to NEWS 95.7’s The Todd Veinotte show tthat FIGR views themselves as a socially conscious company, and they wanted to do better.

“As a corporate citizen looking for ways to continuously improve, we have redesigned our packaging, and with that redesign it will be 100 per cent recyclable,” he says.

The company started with their Craft line, which out of three value focuses – Artisan, Craft and Master – is the most prevalent, representing more than 50 percent of offers.

FIGR’s stage two packaging will lessen cannabis container size by half.

“The reduction in size is basically so we’re not shipping the amount of air that we we’re shipping in our first phase of containers,” says Duncan.

Duncan says FIGR will likewise reduce package weight by more than 20 percent, and start utilizing 25 percent reused materials in making the plastic jars.

“As far as sustainable packaging, I think that recyclability is key,” he says, especially since the jars have to contain crucial health warnings.

“Some consumers may not know that there’s concern around the information that’s required on the package,” Duncan adds.

The company has been trying out different alternatives like glass packaging, Duncan says, but for now, fully recyclable plastic is still most efficient.

The new packaging is accessible at legitimate cannabis stores, and Duncan ascribes the change to FIGR’s association with a business counseling organization called Ahead of the Curve.

“We’re really driven off the mindset called corporate social responsibility,” he says. “And with that comes ensuring that we continuously improve and find ways to affect the environment less.”

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