Colpac redesigns bundling range

Press Release

Colpac is displaying its upgraded Chilled Food-to-Go packaging range at Anuga, which is being held in Germany in October. Following broad client commitment, the company has upgraded the plan of the range to meet UK and European discount and distributor requests.

Research was completed to completely survey clients’ place of fill, deal, utilization and end-of-life necessities for Chilled Food-to-Go packaging. Reacting to these bits of knowledge, Colpac has upgraded the range, leading broad field testing during the procedure. As well as redesigning the whole range of same day and longer shelf life salad packs, Colpac has reconsidered its Fuzione pack.

Expanding on shelf impact, the bundling will presently include bigger marking regions at the front and back of the paperboard base, and the rPet cover with 90% reused substance is anti-mist. The cover additionally includes another imaginative and one of a kind structure, the option of corner holds gives less difficult conclusion and raised bended profiles on every one of the four edges adjust the item flawlessly for improved vertical stacking. The new design highlights will be incorporated into the medium and enormous pack sizes.

The new same day and self-seal Salad Packs currently highlight an over-the-edge window, making great perceivability from the front and top and when stacked in a chiller show. A ‘push-tuck’ shutting component advances secure fixing, which helps simplicity of shutting and opening as customers can either open or remove the top.

New to the Chilled Food-to-Go range is the Salad Bowl, which sits between the medium and huge standard plate of mixed greens packs. With a volume of 900 mL, the Salad Bowl has been intended to sit in the palm of a customer’s hand, making it appropriate for the-go consumption.

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