Construction industry suffers from picture issue

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Missouri contractors are seeing a plenitude of work. All in all, for why are them than 80-percent of those contractors struggling to discover quality specialists?

The specialists said the construction business is experiencing a picture issue.

Despite the fact that critical advances have been made inside the last 15 to 20 years.

“It’s a dirty job, it’s a job for somebody who’s less than college material. They think it’s a broom and a shovel,” Len Toenjes, president of Associated General Contractors of Missouri said.

Construction specialists like Toenjes are attempting to scatter the negative generalizations related with their industry.

“We have to make sure that young people understand that this is a career where they can succeed where they can grow,” Toenjes said. “Unfortunately, I think a lot of our higher education systems and even our high school and grade school system is focused on college careers.”

Ozark Technical Community College student, David James, began at a four-year school before going to a career in construction.

“A lot of people don’t really like the traditional four year school,” James said. “I tried it out and I really did not like it. It’s two years and you’re out and you get to go to work and start your life.”

“This is not a college career it’s a different type of career with apprenticeship or on the job training,” Toenjes said. “That’s the issue we’re working to make people aware of.”

Toenjes said construction is a honorable career.

Comprised of the two people who have an assortment of ranges of abilities.

“It’s hard work but it’s very rewarding work, it’s good-paying work,” Toenjes said.

“I just like hands on labor something new almost everyday, you get to be outside a lot and I just really enjoy the work,” James said.

Construction industry pay in Missouri is 20-percent more than the state normal for all private-part employees.

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