Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Press Release

Counter-Strike is a first-person action-adventure game. There is realistic terroristic warfare in this multi-player game. You have to compete with your teammates to fight terrorism. Players get thrilled to relieve the hostages and kill the terrorists. Your tactful skills have a strong impact on the performance of the team.

Counterstrike provides you realistic and head-to-head battles with the terrorists. There are classic tournaments of the game which take place. Some matches are worth watching by game lovers. You’ll be able to learn new tactics and strategies to compete with your enemies in the game after watching these matches. Following is the list of matches that game lovers would be excited to watch.

G2 versus Natus Vincere – October 19th, 12:25 PM EST – Twitch, ESL TV & October 22nd, 6:30 AM EST- StarLadde

Natus Vincere is also called Navi. G2 and Navi played in one of the best series in the year 2019. The series was nerve-racking and quite exhilarating. G2 scored 19-17. It was jacked who made the gave the match a nail-biting finish. Navi is one of the best players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. S1mple is a consistent player in the team. He believes in taking risks and ensures to take steps that bother his enemies. The match is going to be quite captivating. Both G2 and NaVi are fantastic players in the game. G2 is globally ranked at the 14th best player while NaVi is ranked on the 9th. 

Mouseports versus North – October 21st, 3:00 AM EST – Twitch, StarLadder

Mouseports and North are competitive players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The last time when they played against each other was quite thrilling. Mousesports won with a score of 16-13. Mousesports always pays close attention to the positioning of its players. It is ranked 7th while North is ranked 18th. The match is going to be an exciting one. 

Ninjas in Pajamas (NiP) versus FURIA – October 22nd, 3:00 AM EST – Twitch, StarLadder

Just like soccer enthusiasts anticipate watching the world cup, game players look forward to watching the matches of Counter-Strike. If you are a game enthusiast, you’d get excited about this match taking place between the prominent teams of Counter-Strike. Who does not like watching teams playing their favorite video games? The last time these teams played together was when NiP defeated FURIA scoring 16-6. At that point, FURIA was not quite high-up. However, with its dedication and hard work the team has ranked 12th from 99th. NiP globally ranks in the 11th position. This is going to be a tough competition. Nip is known to stay calm in the most tensed situations. You’d love to see the match between these two teams. 

If the Counter-Strike matches don’t excite you, there must be something seriously wrong with you as a game enthusiast. All these matches are going to be quite fascinating. You can enjoy the competitiveness of the team. You can bet with your friends which team would win the match.

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