Cowan London reexamines own label for new brand Jack’s, a piece of the Tesco family

Press Release

Autonomous, international design agency Cowan London has uncovered the design procedure and packaging behind the own label range for Jack’s stores.

Involving 90 distinctive packaging designs over various categories, the interesting own image extend, additionally named Jack’s is taking off over various stores throughout the following a half year. It isn’t just a noteworthy bit of design work in one of the UK’s most up to date retailers, it likewise indicates to a new direction for value retail.

Launched in September 2018, Jack’s offers food with 8 out of 10 items developed, raised or made in Britain at the most reduced conceivable. Cowan London was selected as the strategic and design lead on this project, and worked cooperatively as a major aspect of a more extensive agency mix.

Elizabeth Finn, managing director, Cowan London, said: “Just as Jack’s is taking a different approach to value retail, we needed a new way forward for own label design. We did this using principles instead of guidelines and taking influence from the origins of the products as well as brand.”

“We created designs for individual product ranges that celebrate Jack’s three key pillars of Britishness, taste and expertise, but also show personality. Eclectic, vibrant, energetic and joyful, each one of the 90 designs aims to reassure the consumer that they are purchasing good quality products at low prices.”

The Union Jack sits gladly over a determination of reaches and the designs are saturated with unquestionably British symbolism. Dairy products include fine art reminiscent of noteworthy railroad posters, while the tea range depicts joyful illustrations of the British countryside, inviting the shopper to discover elements such as a hot air balloon.

On ice cream, representations of deck chairs and seagulls summon a nostalgic perspective on the British shoreline, while on the range of classic puddings, for example, lemon trick and fool, line drawings that transport consumers back to the lost era of the eccentric British inventor.

“Shoppers look for and expect different packaging conventions in different categories,” said Finn. “When designing an entirely new range like this it’s essential to set brand and messaging within these conventions.”

A large part of how a supermarket is perceived lies in the quality of fresh produce and meat. So, alongside using transparent packaging for these ranges, subtle illustrations like hessian bags or wooden crates are also used as these speak to the idea of the market trader or family butcher, but the focus is very firmly on building trust in the product.

In the laundry range the packaging emphasises efficacy. In cereal, imagery of a bright sun rising from a bowl not only evokes a positive and familiar rise and shine feeling, but it also directs shoppers to their favourite cereal.

Each Jack’s product has been designed with the savvy consumer in mind to reaffirm that own brand shopping is something to be proud of.

Cowan London’s designs for Jack’s ready meals range use contemporary food culture to differentiate each variant. Each meal boasts its own vibrant colour palette that reflects the origin of the cuisine, reassuring shoppers on authenticity. Bold typography and tantalising photography of the meal within boosts appetite appeal and makes the range easy to navigate.

Jack’s-branded premium products are not branded as a sub-brand but are identifiable through classic cues such as, a black signifier, gold hues and highlighted special ingredients, reflecting the quality and luxury of the range – telling a great product story through type and aesthetics.

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