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Denver Company – MSP, Inc., one of Colorado’s local leading beverage suppliers, announces a brand new bottled water called ELITE WATER with SPINLABELS

Press Release

ELITE WATER with SPINLABELS are the next generation in cross-marketing to customers and will transform a retailers bottled water sales into a dynamic and flexible marketing platform unlike ever before. Any retailer that offer bottled water can increase a customer’s impulse checkout buys up to 5X just from a single bottle of ELITE WATER. 

Daniel Rogers, VP of Sales says “Five inner ad panels per bottle means multiple promotional opportunities from a case or single bottle of ELITE WATER. ELITE WATER bottles labels are a patented 2-n-1 label. The outer ELITE WATER label has a see through window that spins over a five inner label ads inner label, allowing for impulse buys a retailer wants to offer. A retailer can add their own in-store and/or manufacture coupons along with Dynamic QR codes, Corporate logos, Text, Images and Foreign Languages on each ELITE WATER bottle”. We guarantee no other product exists like ELITE WATER and our SPINLABELS”.

Any US and/or International C-Store Chain, National Retailer selling bottled water, can deliver MORE cross sales, MORE everyday deals and MORE impulse coupons from a bottle of ELITE WATER.

“We aim to make refreshing ELITE WATER in bpa free bottles the nation’s premier brand of bottled water for retailers to engage their customers unlike before. ELITE WATER is available locally, regionally, nationally and internationally” said Rogers. 

MSP, Inc.
Denver, CO. 80201

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