Disney’s Internal Design Tool Helps Retailers Implement Reusable Packaging

Press Release

Disney and the Toy Association are meaning to set another industry standard, discharging a SmartPackaging tool that provides littler retailers with the resources they have to empower sustainable design

Entertainment and retail conglomerate Disney is partnering with an trade association to empower a tool that makes it simple to make recyclable packaging. Called the SmartPackaging Initiative Design Tool, the point is to help companies lower production costs on their packaging while additionally advancing safety and environmental conscientiousness.

The Toy Association, a U.S. trade group, is working with Disney to make a packaging design that is maintainable without relinquishing shelf appeal. The SmartPackaging tool will most likely survey design efficiency, how simple it will be to reuse, carbon footprint and material health, which will help companies who are individuals from the Toy Association morally package their products. The tool scores packaging design based on three main elements: responsible sourcing (60%), recyclability (30%) and whether the resources met full optimization (10%), which will then allow companies to rank themselves with others testing at similar scale.

While beforehand, smaller design teams battled with discovering assets to quantify and optimize packaging sustainability, this tool will bolster individuals from the Toy Association in this endeavor, and would like to offer its support of non-members also later on. “Providing the tool for the industry at large was something that we felt would benefit all the industry, but particularly our small and medium-sized members who do not have the bandwidth to do these calculations on their own,” says Toy Association SVP of technical affairs, Alan Kaufman.

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