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Here’s how to check fake news on WhatsApp

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Now it is general election time. People try to spread fake news for publicity. Whatsapp is a famous¬†messaging app for sharing news, information and political events. People loves to share information in whatsapp. Because whatsapp is the most used messaging app worldwide. Recently it crossed 1.5 billion users from 180 countries. Sometimes people get false, fake, misleading, disputed news. It makes irritation. Sometimes it is difficult to find the news was true or false. Without any confirmation you cannot share the message with someone. So whatsapp users can check the news fake or not. So let’s know how to check fake news on WhatsApp.¬†

In India Lok Sabha elections 2019 scheduled to take place from 11th April. Everyone is interested to know more about general elections events, political parties and their intentions, meetings, rallies etc. Whatsapp users receive a lot of messages related to elections. But you don’t know it is true or fake news. For the perfect news and true information WhatsApp has introduced a Tipline to make confirmation the news received by them true or false. Now whatsapp users in India will able to check their messages. They will know it was rumours, fake, misleading, disputed or false news. 

WhatsApp users can send their queries to the number +91 9643 000 888. This is a whatsapp account number for checkpoint Tipline. From here users can find the perfect information. This Tipline is launched by PROTO, an India based media skilling startup. When you feel the message you received the message is not true and you are in doubt checkpoint Tipline can resolve your complaint. It will give you full satisfaction to get the truth in the message shared to your whatsapp. The queries is available in four languages hindi, English, telugu, bangali. Proto verification centre is handling all the queries to confirm the rumours. 

If you have any queries, you can follow the steps shared above. You can contact the mentioned whatsapp numberto check your message. In your databases Tipline will give you right information is it misleading, disputed, false, fake or anything else. It will help the user to know the truth about the general election 2019 in India. For truth you don’t need to go for Google search. Whatsapp is in your help. Whatsapp always helps you to enjoy your life in a different ways.

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