Honeywell propelled new barrier film for pharmaceutical packaging

Press Release

US-headquartered multinational technology company Honeywell has propelled the most recent extension in Honeywell’s Aclar film extend Aclar Accel, a thermoformable obstruction film for pharmaceutical packaging.

The thermoformable component underpins an assembling procedure where warmth and weight are connected to a material to frame a particular shape.

Honeywell claims that the Aclar Accel packaging addresses an ‘industry need for faster production and delivery’ offering organizations a morecost-effective solution while extending product shelf life and giving a more dense, high-moisture barrier than the cold form foil in aluminium blister packaging.

The declaration pursues reports that the pharmaceutical packaging market is relied upon to twofold in 10 years however might be confined because of rising packaging costs.

Honeywell vice president and general manager packaging and composites Ken West said: “Pharmaceutical companies are seeking new packaging technologies that allow them to get their drugs to market faster and reduce operational costs and Aclar Accel addresses those needs.

“Companies have trusted Aclar for more than 40 years to provide the highest quality protection for their drugs and Aclar Accel gives them new choices. Now, in addition to the customised options of the original Aclar, they can select standard sizes for packaging with these new films and receive them in half the time.”

The range comes in three choices; two in clear and one in opaque laminate. Both the original and Aclar 1700 are clear with the former customisable and the latter keeping to the standard size and the Aclar Accel 5400 available in the opaque laminate form.

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