How packaging design impacts Christmas reusing behaviour

Press Release

Packaging design affects whether purchasers keep up Christmas reusing as per new examination.

The examination was directed by specialists at CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, Sweden and evaluates how packaging design influences customer behaviour as far as Christmas reusing.

Helén Williams, Lecturer in Environmental and Energy Systems, who led this investigation, stated: “If the package consists of several different materials that have to be separated, or need to be rinsed, the handling time and hence the resistance to sorting increases. Uncertainty about how to clean or sort the packaging also plays a role. One example is the plastic lid on the milk carton packaging. Should the lid stay on the packaging or should the entire plastic part be torn off?”.

Many of the examination’s members expressed that they were worried about sabotaging the system for the reused materials. This imply they chose to throw the packaging in the normal waste bin when they were uncertain.

Williams explained the motivation for conducting the study: “We wanted to investigate what packaging characteristics make motivated consumers throw the packaging in the waste. If motivated consumers experience such major obstacles to certain packaging, it can be expected that even more packaging will be discarded if less motivated. The consumers’ willingness to sort is crucial for an improvement.”

Williams added: “Although our results need to be verified in a larger study, our pilot study provides many ideas on how packaging designs should be developed to make it easier to sort. In order to reach the ambitions of the EU’s Circular Economy Strategy, the industry needs to understand how packaging design can help consumers to sort. If the questions are handled with the correct insight into materials, technology and consumer behaviour, Sweden can lead the development of knowledge that globally can contribute to reducing plastic waste in the oceans.”

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