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How to use WhatsApp group privacy feature to choose who can add you to groups?

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Whatsapp is more popular because of its privacy. Users feel comfortable using whatsapp as their favorite messaging app. It is secure and safe. Whatsapp is always coming with a new feature. This gives more security and enjoyment to whatsapp users. If you are using whatsapp then sure you are a part of at least one group. Group feature is very amazing. It takes you to the level of entertainment. But in group there is a problem. Anyone can add you to their group if they have your contact number. It doesn’t require your permission. But now whatsapp has updated group features. So this post is about How to use Whatsapp group privacyfeature to choose who can add you to groups. 

Now anyone can’t add you to the group without your approval. With updated whatsapp you can get the latest feature of groups privacy settings. You can choose who will add you to the group. Now the feature is available in whatsapp globally. You can enjoy this feature and set your group privacy. Let’s start how to use Whatsapp group privacy settings.

How to use Whatsapp group privacy?

Here is the process for you how to change your whatsapp group privacy that anyone can’t add you. You can choose who will add you. For this follow the steps given below. 

-First update your whatsapp to latest version. Otherwise you can’t avail the feature. 

-Now open whatsapp and click on three doted icon from the top right corner. 

-Go to ” setting”. Then click on ”account”. Now it will take you another page. 

-You will see the options ” privacy”. Click on privacy option. 

-Scroll down your page. Now you will get an option ” Groups ”. Make hit the options group. 

-Here you will get who can add you to groups. It will give you three options. Select in your choice. 

More Details :–


     If you select the option everyone it will give chance to everyone to add you in group. That means anyone can add you to groups without your permission. 

My contact

     This option is only for your contact members. Only your contact list people can add you to groups. So you may select it. 


     Nobody option will not allow anyone to add you in group. If someone tries to add you in group you will get invitations link. You have to approve this. The invitation link will expire in three days. 


WhatsApp is always trying to give best services to its users with new features. Now whatsapp updated the most important privacy feature of the group. It will give you relaxation. You don’t need to be worry for automatically groups adding. You can set your privacy. Overall go to settings >Account >Privacy >Group.This is a important information for whatsapp users. I hope you loved my How to use WhatsApp group Websiteprivacy feature to choose who can add you to groups post. Thanks..

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