IoT: Ready ‘induction cap’ sealing technology

Press Release

The new iFoilerTM innovation from ITW Pillar Technologies is said to highlight touchscreen interface control, worked in web server with available locally available site, LAN Ethernet connection, downloadable undertaking occasion log, constant remote information get to, different dialects, various curl designs, a stack light bundle, and IoT machine control code. Remarking on the new IoT highlight, said Brad Budde, Sales Manager – Induction Sealing Systems. Budde included, “The IoT functionality allows our customers to collect uniform data, not only from our system, but across all of their machines, lines, shifts, plants, and business units. This uniformity will also be essential to our customer’s productivity-enhancing initiatives such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) analysis and for simplifying MES functions.”

Budde further remarked that “ITW Pillar Technologies’ new iFoiler technology combines the absolute best in seal assurance, system control, and connectivity. The system has been specifically developed with IoT performance features to ensure our global customer base could integrate induction sealing technology into their broader network of system control. Additionally, the iFoiler is configured to be complaint with pharmaceutical quality management requirements, including FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations”.

“Customers have searched the industry for technology which provides higher seal integrity at greater line speeds for an affordable price, and we’ve responded by introducing the highly versatile iFoiler system which will redefine today’s induction sealing market. Throughout our company’s 53 years of serving the packaging industry we have strived to give customers the most reliable sealing experience, and the iFoiler continues that drive to the next level”, Budde proceeded.

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