London Drugs is doing our part by taking back recyclable packaging for material

Last holiday season, Canada Post conveyed a record 62 million packages.That’s a lot of cardboard, over-wrap, bubble wrap and Styrofoam that should be kept out of our landfills. Recycling Amnesty 2019 is London Drugs’ method for helping responsibly dependably recycle their recyclable packaging, by letting them just convey it to one of our stores.

London Drugs clients would already be able to get their packaging recycled for free. Presently we’re offering Package Recycling Amnesty to all.

London Drugs has been offering free ‘Bring Back the Pack’ packaging recycling services for London Drugs purchases since 2008. Presently, for Package Recycling Amnesty 2019 we are satisfied to broaden this service, reclaiming recyclable packaging clients get regardless of what the starting point.

Many areas have a recycling centre ideal close to the front of the store. For stores without a centre, or in case you’re just not certain what goes where, simply converse with client service and they’ll enable you take to care of it.

What types of recyclable packaging can you bring in?

As indicated by a few investigations, packaging makes up about 30% of family unit waste. But you may be amazed the amount of that would now be able to be dependably recycled and diverted from landfills, including:.

• Cardboard

• Hard Plastics

• Soft Plastics

• Styrofoam

• Plastic Over-Wrap

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