Lost Sheep Coffee launches capsule made from wood

The extravagance single cause direct exchange grade 1 speciality coffee in plant-based capsules are certified biodegradable, compostable.

Utilizing the most recent headways in composability innovation, the new capsules will be made prevalently from wood bark – or Lignin – a waste result of the paper industry.

Other sustainable crude materials utilized in the making include natural occurring plant-based proteins, starches and clucose made up the biopolymer structure of the capsule. As it is 100% natural the product can compost to absolutely nothing in a matter of weeks.

Stuart Wilson, founder of Lost Sheep Coffee, said: “We know our customers want the convenience of being able to brew a really quality cup of coffee at home but without the guilt of chucking more plastic into land fill. So it was imperative to the Lost Sheep Coffee team that we were able to deliver our exceptional quality coffee at home in a format that is entirely compostable.

“Until recently, compostable capsules have had a very short freshness life as the coffee inside would go stale. Without plastic or glue it is incredibly difficult to create an air tight seal over the product. After extensive research and development our new capsules achieve a level of oxygen impermeability which enables Lost Sheep Coffee to guarantee a minimum shelf freshness life of 12 months.”

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