Lush Replaces Plastic Packaging With Clever App

Press Release

It’s never again a mystery that cosmetics based company Lush is extremely dynamic in supporting worldwide causes, committed to wildlife protection and LGBTQ+ rights. Presently, Lush is taking it to the next level by using their own LushLens app.

AI and machine learning-based, the Lush Lens application means to help in making a sustainable future, without plastic packaging. The application can scan Lush products to show their properties, and their impact on your skin and mood, all these within a few clicks.

The astonishing application could be tried this Spring, amid SXSW. The spring up store had walls filled with the beloved bath bombs, and other most loved items, yet no packaging and labels. Rather, participants were required to utilize their phones and the Lush Lens application to examine them and get the data.

Things like price, ingredients and even videos of what the bath bombs looks like when submerged in water appear the second the app is accessed.

In the last three years, Lush was helped to become more tech-friendly by their teams from Lush Digital. Among the things they are playing with are 3D printing, artificial intelligence, image recognition and augmented reality.

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