Mattel appends How2Recycle Label to its packaging

Press Release

Consumers will see the How2Recycle label on Fisher Price Wonder Makers Design System Build Around Town starter kit.

How2Recycle has said that Mattel is the newest member of its organization, with the How2Recycle label set to appear on new Fisher Price Wonder Makers Design System Build Around Town starter kits in stores across the country. The label informs consumers that the outer box can be recycled via curbside programs in most communities across the U.S. and the inside plastic bag can be recycled through store drop-off programs that accept plastic film.

Extra Mattel products, including Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Barbie, will start to convey the How2Recycle mark this year.

“Toy packaging can often have many pieces and components, making it difficult to know how to recycle properly,” says Caroline Cox, project manager, How2Recycle, which is a project of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, Charlottesville, Virginia. “Mattel, the company behind many beloved toy brands, is in the position to help their consumers recycle more and more accurately by clearly communicating how to properly dispose of each component in their package. We’re thrilled to welcome Mattel as the most recent company to How2Recycle.”

The How2Recycle label is institutionalized over all bundling sorts and offers complete guidelines on bundling recyclability in a straightforward organization. A great many brand name products as of now utilize the label, and it tends to be found in retailers in several stores the nation over. The program additionally provides custom recyclability assessments and offers all members understanding into how the packaging may be de-designed to be acknowledged for reusing curbside in the U.S.

Edena Low, vice president, supply chain governance, risk management, compliance (GRC) and sustainability, Mattel, says, “Mattel is proud to join How2Recycle in educating consumers about how to recycle our packaging. Encouraging our consumers to recycle packaging helps us contribute to a healthier planet and shape a brighter tomorrow for all the children we serve.”

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