Mini medicinal bottles signal efficiency of headache cure

Press Release

Situated between a shot and a refreshment drink, the new HangZing line of beverages in a 100-mL amber glass bottle has been planned as a natural pick-me-up for individuals “who work hard and play hard”— as such, for the individuals who need some hangover relief every so often. The result of two years of research and development by British chemical engineer Mowhit Wadhwani, the product utilizes a mix of naturally functional ingredients to battle the eventual outcomes of alcohol consumption and to replenish nutrients and minerals lost during partying, traveling, or exercising.

Flavors incorporate “fruity and fragrant” Lychee and Lemongrass and “zesty and refreshing” Garden Mint. The beverage is a combination of herbs, electrolytes, and vitamins and is naturally improved with pure Canadian maple syrup.

To help with the design of the packaging, HangZing worked with Mystery Ltd., which selected an amber glass medicinal round bottle provided by Rawlings for its functionality and aesthetics. “In the manufacturing process, HangZing undergoes pasteurization of 75 degrees Celsius, hence the outer material needed to be strong to withstand the heat,” says Wadhwani. He includes that the tiny, 3.4-oz size of the bottle makes it simple to store as well as take on-the-go, and the medicinal round shape supports HangZing’s situating as a deductively detailed recuperation drink.

Label graphics were designed to communicate a strong and confident brand—simply like the product, says Wadhwani. “We wanted the label to tell the story of the delicious and convenient recovery drink that HangZing is,” he explains. “We wanted our product to be approachable and bold and show that buying our products is part of a lifestyle.”

On the front of the bottle, under the HangZing logo, are the words “Refresh, Revive, Reboot,” which are framed on either side by lightning bolts. The Lychee and Lemongrass flavor is decorated with a red-and-white color scheme; Garden Mint uses a green-and-white design. The label is a silver polypropylene material printed in four colors in addition to white and a matte varnish. Supplementing the label is a silver aluminum twist cap.

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