New packaging design enables sterile products to be removed from packaging without contamination

Press Release

The packaging arrangement which was planned explicitly for the medicinal division highlights two hermetic seals along the packaging’s sides and a chevron-type airtight cross sealing to address any sullying worries with the medical packaging.

The new packaging design enables sterile products to be expelled from packaging with no pollution from microorganisms and particles. Already, these particles which may move from the packaging’s outside during the expulsion procedure could represent a hazard to patient wellbeing. Be that as it may, Ulma’s new solution implies that the whole item can be opened without coming into contact with such particles, and subsequently dispenses with the probability of contamination.

Moreover, Ulma’s bundling has a sealed assurance and utilizations a peelable film with effectively incorporated Tyvek or paper boards to empower disinfection by ethylene oxide.

This packaging can be utilized crosswise over results of different sizes through speedy and simple format changes. Because of the capacity of the packaging to acclimate to the product’s measurements, producers can maintain a strategic distance from the commonplace calculated expenses and film use related with conventional larger than usual packaging.

Dave Berriman, specialized chief at ULMA Packaging UK remarked: “Keeping products from contamination while removing them from their packaging is a common and ongoing concern in the medical sector.

“Consequently, a need arose to develop a solution that would allow the product to remain sterile during unpackaging.

“The new easy-to-open flow pack packages from ULMA mitigate a major contamination risk. They offer versatility for a wide range of different products, are leak-proof through longitudinal sealing, and are designed with ethylene oxide sterilisation in mind. Furthermore, they also allow manufacturers to make savings on packaging materials and costs.

“Such innovative design makes these easy-to-open flow pack solutions an ideal choice for medical manufacturers looking to ensure product and device integrity. Not only does this type of packaging remove the possibility of contamination, they also provide added sustainability benefits and a high level of adaptability.”

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