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Packaging Problems Causing Delays for P.E.I.-based Cannabis Supplier

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FIGR says nearly half product it hoped to have on store shelves still in warehouse.
The only authorised cannabis producer supported P.E.I. says issues with its packaging have LED to delays obtaining product on store shelves.
Recreational cannabis provider FIGR — that has commitments to provide pot to P.E.I. and star Scotia — says nearly half the product it hoped to own in stores by currently are still waiting to be prepacked at its provincial capital warehouse.
Edwin Jewell, president and chief operating officer of FIGR East, blames a number of the half-dozen packaging suppliers.
“Quite honestly, [packaging suppliers are] belongings us down,” said Jewell. “We’ve been secure product here, packaging materials months past that is still not here. We’ve had packaging material come back that is not appropriate. it has been dirty in some cases, we tend to had to come it.”
Jewell aforesaid they need packaging that meets a range of standards and are becoming completely different packaging product from different sources. The packaging should be food- or pharmaceutical-grade quality that’s tamper proof with a child-resistant cap. It conjointly should be massive enough for all the desired labels and distinctive enough to differentiate it from competitors.
He aforesaid that finding the proper packaging and suppliers typically takes a touch of trial and error. “You do not go purchase one 100,000 bottles of 1 size, not knowing evidently they are going to figure,” Jewell aforesaid. “So you are shopping for experimental tons and in some cases we’re looking for they are not appropriate so we’ve to begin from scratch once more.”
The delay of packaging materials has caused some orders to P.E.I. and star Scotia to be late. As a result, some product in those provinces are out of stock.
They are hiring eight additional staff to assist with the difficulty, Jewell aforesaid. once the packaging will arrive, they’ll be able to work additional shifts during a day thus product is prepacked quickly — and shipped to stores as before long as potential.
Jewell aforesaid he expects to own the orders back within the right direction in the next few weeks.

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