PathWater Introduces Reusable Packaging

PathWater is the first reusable filtered water made as an answer for help end single-utilize plastic pollution. PathWater intends to bust legends around aluminum and bring back protected and reusable containers, for example, BPA-free aluminum bottle that can be reused and recycled infinitely. As of now, PathWater is currently accessible at Safeway, Gelson’s, Lassens, 7-11 and other advantageous areas. PathWater additionally offers 600 ml bottles, 700 ml bottles and 740 ml bottle nine packs online at Amazon and the PathWater store. The venture into the absolute biggest grocery store chains and accommodation stores in the U.S. marks a critical development for the sustainable bottled water brand.

PathWater is devoted to advantageous, reasonable and healthy solutions that shrewdly combine the reusable bottle movement with great quality bottled water.

“We created PathWater to provide options for people to reduce and reuse against plastic waste. We want to be the true alternative to plastic water bottles. With PathWater, you will receive a well designed, sturdy reusable bottle that you can refill infinitely. We are confident that our new way of drinking water in a sustainable and convenient bottle will resonate with shoppers,” said PathWater’s Co-founder and CEO, Shadi Bakour.

Vernon Davis, Guy Fieri, Festus Ezeli and Tamera Mowry are only a portion of the celebrities that have started to monetarily back PathWater’s sustainability mission and believe that this is the future for bottled water.

At last, customers of single-use bottled water can now effectively change over to a really reusable and sustainable alternative that never again adds to our plastic emergency. PathWater is turning into a manufacturing solution for consumers to stop buying plastic bottled water, and this is shielding plastic pollution from entering our airways, landfills, oceans and bodies. PathWater contributes a segment of their benefits toward shoreline cleanups and environmental non-profits.

About PathWater

PathWater makes bottled water in a BPA-free, limitlessly reusable, boundlessly recyclable aluminum bottle. The PathWater bottle is settling the dilemma of single-use water bottles by creating a superior option that is environmentally friendly. When taken from the refrigerator section, the bottle makes for an amazingly cool drinking background, unmatched by plastic water bottles. PathWater is on a devoted mission to give answers for the plastics emergency for filtered water purchasers and to disturb the refreshment business in general. PathWater’s three main goals are to provide a sustainable option to reduce and reuse, to educate others about the plastics crisis and to change a stagnant, polluting industry of single-use plastics. PathWater is the first in the beverage industry to offer a plastic-free, reusable bottled water that finally puts people and the planet before profits.

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