Robot Food Refreshments can design for Northern Monk craft brewery

Robot Food has redesigned cans for craft brewery Northern Monk.

Following an effective crowd-funding/investing event, the money raised empowered Northern Monk to triple capacity, install a new canning line and open its new Manchester tap room.

Robot Food was entrusted to deliver an broad invigorate of the brand and set the tone for growth, strengthening the core range and better articulating the brand’s values.

Russell Bisset, founder of Northern Monk, said: “We needed every element of our brand to be representative of how far we’ve come since the beginning of our journey, and give our supporters something to get excited about. Robot Food understood our vision, we trusted them to amplify what we saw as important for our brand and the end result is something that we’re both really proud of.”

Rich Robinson, senior designer at Robot Food, included: “We began by refining the monk and clarifying his role in the narrative. The monk now acts as a constant beacon, symbolising the brand and the attitude of the brewery. A burst emanates from the monk as a visual expression of the flavour and character of each core beer. Our deep dive into the brand gave us the insight to create concepts behind each beer and carve a narrative that reflects their flavours and origins.”

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