Smart Parking Solutions Market – Revolutionary Scope by 2025

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The Most Recent study on the Smart Parking Solutions Market Research provides a profound comprehension of the various market dynamics like trends, drivers, the challenges, and opportunities. The report further elaborates on the micro and macro-economic elements that are predicted to shape the increase of the Smart Parking Solutions market throughout the forecast period (2019-2029). 

The introduced study elucidates the crucial indicators of Market growth which comes with a thorough analysis of this value chain, CAGR development, and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis. This data may enable readers to understand the quantitative growth parameters of this international industry that is Smart Parking Solutions . 

Analytical Insights Included from the Smart Parking Solutions Market Report 

  • Estimated earnings Rise of the Smart Parking Solutions marketplace throughout the forecast period 
  • Factors expected to aid the Rise of the Smart Parking Solutions marketplace 
  • The growth potential of this Smart Parking Solutions market in a Variety of regions 
  • Consumption, pricing arrangement, and adoption routine of this Smart Parking Solutions  
  • Company profiles of top players in the Smart Parking Solutions market 

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Smart Parking Solutions Market Segmentation Assessment 

The increase prospects of this market in various Regions are studied in the report together with details like the regulatory framework, political, and financial outlook of each region. 

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Smart City Initiatives Necessitate Installments

Smart city projects offer sustainability in addition to enhanced performance. With the transformation of a city into a smart city, authorities around the world can provide for better security, transport and traffic management, waste management, energy efficiency, and can improve the lifestyle of the population comprehensively. In addition to these benefits, smart cities will contribute towards the welfare of the environment and allow for stabilization of global temperatures. Growing environmental concerns, traffic congestion, and the population are causing governments around the world to look towards the development of smart cities which will effectively improve the quality of life while aiding authorities in saving resources. These factors have attracted heavy investments in smart technologies around the world and are fuelling the demand for smart parking solutions on a global scale.

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Sophistication-driven Technological Advancements to Fuel Growth

Increasing penetration of wireless networking systems, IoT, and cloud-based services, has laid down the platform for innovations in the smart parking solutions market. For instance, easy accessibility to affordable GPS, cloud software, smartphones, and smart sensors is resulting in the development of sophisticated systems that aid drivers in detecting the nearest empty parking spot in real-time. The emergence of cashless transactions and e-payment facilities are further paving gateways to new opportunities for smart parking solution companies to explore. Moreover, developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning are aiding companies in making groundbreaking discoveries in the field.

growth vs potential matrix by country

Smart Parking Solutions – A Key Revenue Pocket for Parking Lot Owners

Smart parking solutions can potentially open up new revenue streams for city municipalities and parking lot owners. There are many parking spots in cities that remain under-utilized, and leveraging smart parking technology, data from multiple sources can be collected and used as a parking guidance system for drivers in return for money. The round the clock monitoring services offered by smart parking systems coupled with automated payment collection can help parking lot owners in saving on manpower while eradicating the inefficiencies associated with the manual collection and management framework. Furthermore, parking lot owners can utilize the data collected from the monitoring systems and can streamline the management process to ensure maximum profitability. Another key application of smart parking solutions is the demand-based pricing of parking spots. Smart parking solutions can be used to generate different prices for parking based on the demand for the service. Municipalities and parking lot owners are realizing the potential prospects smart parking solutions have to offer and are adopting them to increase their revenue.

Smart Parking Solutions Increasingly Palpable in Malls to Increase Footfall

Shopping malls around the world are revamping their parking spaces to accommodate smart parking solutions. Shopping malls often suffer from congestion in the parking spaces due to the inefficiency of manual management systems. Furthermore, manual management of parking spaces in shopping malls also results in a loss of revenue due to leakages in the system. With smart parking solutions, malls are aiming to provide for free-flowing traffic in the parking spaces. In addition to this, automated parking payment systems have the potential to help malls in increasing their revenues from parking spaces. Coupled with these benefits shopping malls around the world are marketing their adoption of smart parking solution as a value-added service to lure in more customers. The windfalls of using smart parking solutions are causing a widespread adoption of the systems in shopping malls around the world.

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Smart Parking Solutions Market – Definition

Smart parking solution is a combination of technologies which aid in parking management. The devices used in smart parking solutions include sensors, cameras, payment collection kiosks, and other hardware. These devices work in collaboration to provide real-time data about parking lots and spaces to end-users and therefore help in reducing congestion, pollution, and aid in the overall improvement of the parking management system.

Smart Parking Solutions Market – About the Report

The Fact.MR study provides invaluable and actionable insights about the key dynamics that influence the smart parking solutions market. In addition to the current market scenario, the report features comprehensive information about future growth prospects and the lucrative opportunities on offer in the market. An exclusive forecast of the smart parking solutions market for the 2018-2028 period has been included in the report.

Smart Parking Solutions Market – Market Structure

The Fact.MR report on smart parking solutions market provides a detailed market breakdown in terms of the value, volume, and Y-o-Y growth. In addition to this detailed analysis, the report provides valuable market insights by dividing the market in terms of system components and services, solutions, end-use applications, and region.

smart parking solutions market segmentation

Smart Parking Solutions Market – Additional Questions Answered

Apart from the above-mentioned insights on the smart parking solutions the market, the smart parking solutions market report answers the following crucial questions that can help stakeholders and business professionals streamline their strategy to maximize profitability:

  • What geographic region accounted for the largest sales in the smart parking solutions market in 2018?
  • Based on the end-use, which application will lead the smart parking solutions market in terms of revenue share?
  • What solution type will be the most in demand during 2019?
  • Based on system components and services, which would be the service that will hold the largest market share in 2019?
  • What are the key trends that impact the current and future prospects in the smart parking solutions market?

Smart Parking Solutions Market – Research Methodology

The report on smart parking solutions market is a consequence of a detailed and robust research methodology. A comprehensive analysis of historic and current market parameters was performed to produce an authentic and accurate forecast of the market. A two-step research process namely primary and secondary researches were employed during the compilation of the report.

While primary research involved interviewing industry savants and rigorous company case studies, secondary research was conducted by thoroughly analyzing trade journals, company press releases, and other industry publications. Results from both the phases of the research processes were triangulated to produce an accurate forecast of the smart parking solutions market.


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The Report intends to eliminate the subsequent doubts regarding the Smart Parking Solutions market: 

  • What Will be the trends that are currently dictating the increase of the Smart Parking Solutions market? 
  • What Is the reach of invention in the present Smart Parking Solutions market arena? 
  • The best way Will the alterations from the industrial coverages in region 2 and region 1 affect the growth of the industry that is Smart Parking Solutions ? 
  • What Is the projected value of this Smart Parking Solutions economy in 2029? 
  • That Regional marketplace is predicted to see the CAGR increase during the assessment period? 

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