Plastic Packaging: Sustainable Alternatives to Single-Use Plastic Packaging Should Be Everywhere

Plastic is truly tormenting our earth – and there’s verification of it all over the place. Take for instance the dead animals found with rubbish filled stomachs, the island of trash in the Pacific sea or the honey bee homes made out of plastic. Also, the reason for this? People and their weird need to wrap and box everything in different layers of the toxic material. A standout amongst the most across the board employments of plastic is single-use packaging. Regardless of whether it’s vegetables in the grocery store or…

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Visy Plant Industry 

New 99-Million Visy Plant May Help Solve Single-Use Plastic Woes

The commitment of an Australia-based packaging and resource recovery giant to launch a $99-million new plant may potentially impact current global moves to ban single-use plastic plastic as it continues to occupy landfills and the oceans, threatening the marine ecosystem. In a brief update posted on its website, Visy said they are opening a “$99 million state-of-the-art new corrugated cardboard plant in Truganina,” where “manufacturers and retailers in the local food and beverage market, cardboard produced at the plant will be manufactured from recycled paper and cardboard.” Visy claims to…

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