Cannabis company redesigns packaging in reaction of purchaser feedback

When pot became legal last fall, many people questioned the bulky plastic containers it came in. “We clearly understood from the consumer that this was a concern for the cannabis industry in early stages,” says Todd Duncan, vice president of supply chain at FIGR Inc.,a legitimate cannabis company that sells products in both Nova Scotia and PEI. So FIGR dispatched an examination to figure out what recreational cannabis clients wanted. “Recyclability and sustainability around cannabis packaging drove about a 61 per cent concern amongst those respondents,” Duncan says. “And the…

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Industrial Paper Sack Innovations Run by Sustainability and Efficient Logistics Goals

With quick expansion of the packaging industry, industrial paper sacks are basically discovering applications in the building and construction and the synthetic and pharmaceutical industries. Softwood pulp is an essential fixing in the definition for paper sack materials, which are blended with wet strength chemicals for added durability. Industrial paper sacks are being utilized for packaging a wide scope of items in various dconfigurations, physical and chemical properties including chemicals, food products, and construction materials. Reusing Capabilities Play a Major Role in Material Developments The whole worldwide packaging market is…

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