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Here’s how to check fake news on WhatsApp

Now it is general election time. People try to spread fake news for publicity. Whatsapp is a famous┬ámessaging app for sharing news, information and political events. People loves to share information in whatsapp. Because whatsapp is the most used messaging app worldwide. Recently it crossed 1.5 billion users from 180 countries. Sometimes people get false, fake, misleading, disputed news. It makes irritation. Sometimes it is difficult to find the news was true or false. Without any confirmation you cannot share the message with someone. So whatsapp users can check the…

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How to use WhatsApp group privacy feature to choose who can add you to groups?

Whatsapp is more popular because of its privacy. Users feel comfortable using whatsapp as their favorite messaging app. It is secure and safe. Whatsapp is always coming with a new feature. This gives more security and enjoyment to whatsapp users. If you are using whatsapp then sure you are a part of at least one group. Group feature is very amazing. It takes you to the level of entertainment. But in group there is a problem. Anyone can add you to their group if they have your contact number. It…

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