‘Trump look-alike’ appears up on US military meal packaging

Some US military work force have as of late been surprised to see an uncanny similarity to their commander-in-chief when biting into their ready meals.

Regardless of whether at different training facilities throughout the country, or low-level the atres of war globally, the military’s food-to-go pouch packs appear to inconspicuously include President Trump and potentially even his outspoken entertainment ally Kanye West.

The packs seem to include a delicate presidential outline that have military consumers questioning whether it truly is the 45th President of the United States.

In the event that the packaging design is truly by design (which it has all the earmarks of being), the net impact is questionable – will military personnel (a substantial vote bank for both the Republican and Democratic parties) appreciate seeing their commander in chief every time they chomp on their food-to-go packs? Or will they resent seeing Mr Trump’s quiff in the silhouette when all they can think about is replenishing their energy?

With an expected 1.3 million in number military and another nearby race expected in 2020 – 80,000 votes in three states guaranteed Trump beat Clinton in 2016 – will a curious packaging design on US military food-to-go pouches help swing the vote in two years time?

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