Weetabix minis disclose new packaging design and sugar reduction

Press Release

Weetabix, the nation’s favourite cereal brand, has announced its Weetabix Crispy Minis go has embraced a packaging redesign.

Satisfaction is a key sales driver in the breakfast category, impacting 78% of in-home consumption choices. The Weetabix Crispy Minis pack has been patched up so as to reflect this, with the connecting design highlighting the delicious taste on-pack.

The packaging redesign coincides with a sugar decrease, the three flavors presently contain up to 4 grams less sugar as a feature of Weetabix’s sugar decrease technique. The new recipe likewise adds Vitamin D2 to promote the absorption of calcium, which means the Weetabix brand will keep on driving the route on best in class nutrition in the cereal category.

The Weetabix Minis extend has shown great market performance in recent weeks, with deals an incentive up 12% and deals volume expanding by 10% – the new pack design and reformulation aims to increase the brands sales in 2019, while likewise adding to the category all in all.

The Crispy Minis brand will appreciate strong media investment benefitting from the brand’s £10m media interest in 2019, as a major aspect of the ‘Have You Had Your Weetabix?’ campaign, with New Crispy Minis Choc Chip labels including toward the finish of the honor winning ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ TV advert.

Zoe Brimfield, senior brand manager, Weetabix says: “Whilst Weetabix and Weetabix Minis will continue to lead the way on best in class nutrition in the cereal category, taste remains paramount to us. It’s an important attribute driving sustainable value sales in the category and our refreshed pack reflects this. We’re confident Minis will continue to be a firm favourite for families and go down a treat at the breakfast table”.

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