What Kiwi supermarket shoppers should to do with excess plastic packaging

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Just weeks following the official plastic bag ban in supermarkets, customers are more mindful of the plastic they’re buying than any other time in recent memory.

One Wellington man has even begun a more extensive discussion around the excess use of plastic packaging.

Four-year-old Helaina Adams-Wood and her father Tom love to buy biscuits from their local supermarket bakery, however were as of late shocked to find their favourite snack covered in plastic.

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“We spotted all the muffins individually packaged in hard plastics and all the bread in soft plastics,” says Mr Adams. “We weren’t really prepared to end up with all that plastic and also endorse that kind of behaviour, so we went elsewhere.”

“It’s not a great idea,” says Helaina.

Mr Adams posted about his revelation on Twitter, and hundreds echoed his disappointment.
One individual recommended beginning a development to expel superfluous plastic bundling and desert it on the racks.

Foodstuffs says just a single of their Wellington stores was utilizing singular plastic compartments incidentally to keep organic product flies from debasing their nourishment.

Newshub checked twelve different stores around the nation, and none were utilizing plastic for heated products inside their glass cupboards.

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